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Costs to study in Philippines

These days, many Asian students generally, particularly Vietnamese students, decide to come to the Philippines to practice their English skills or to communicate, to work and prepare for their international English certificates as this country is known as the Asian English-learning paradise. English has become its first language since 1935 and is widely used at its 7.000 islands thoroughly. Not only the education quality and costs but other aspects such as the climate, weather, security, geographical position, culture and cuisine also fit the Vietnamese’s taste.

StudyLink is going to provide you with information about the costs of living and studying, which helps you to easily imagine and plan your study there.

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Despite the fact that this choice will promptly improve your English level in a short time,  the cost of living is still the major concern for parents

The costs of learning English in the Philippines include 2 parts: Tuition and living costs. Actually, they vary depending on forms of study, study weeks, forms of accommodation and different types of school.


Tuition fees (USD)/month

(9-12 periods/days, mostly are 1:1 class)

Communicative English ESL




International English Teaching Certificate TESOL

~ 1.460

Business English

~ 1.160

When choosing to study abroad in countries such as Australia, the US, Singapore, etc. you will have to calculate separately the tuition and housing costs. However, studying abroad in the Philippines is completely different because English schools in the Philippines organize both study and boarding. In other words, accommodation, laundry,  cleaning costs and a full package of school care services are included with tuition reasonably.


As the Philippines is located in SouthEast Asia, not only the tuition but the living expenses are equivalent to that in Vietnam.

Note of costs:

  • Time to join the courses: 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks… 24 weeks.
  • Local expenses paid at the school in Peso (SSP, ID-Card, electricity and water charges)
  • Air ticket costs
  • Visa extension costs
  • Weekend travel expenses, personal shopping.

Overview of the cost of studying in the Philippines should be prepared:

  •  Air ticket: from 200 - 400 USD, round trip.
  • Tuition: 800 - 1500 USD/month according to the course (including the cost of housing, meals and laundry, accommodation from 1 person to 6 people (the larger the room, the cheaper the cost).
  • Electricity, water, books: 50 USD/month
  • ICARD Residence Card: 70 USD (if studying 1-2 months, free of charge)
  • VISA: If you study for a month, you do not have to pay. Visa for 2-month study can be renewed in Vietnam for 720.000 VND (Hanoi), 1.360.000 VND (included insurance). Studying for more than 2 months must apply for renewal in the Philippines.
  • Airport transfer fee: far from 50 USD, nearly 20 USD (if registered school pick up). Some schools offer free buses.
  • SSP: 140 USD (Permission paper for foreign students to study in the Philippines)
  • Fast food:

         - Fast food restaurants such as KFC, Jollibee...: 50 pesos ~ 250 pesos.

        - Restaurants: ranging from 500 ~ 1,000 pesos/2 people

  • Transportation: The most popular means of transport in the Philippines today is Jeepney 6-8 pesos (current price is 7 pesos, equivalent to 3,000 VND).

       - Taxi: 4-5km 120-130 pesos

       - Bus: depending on distance from 12-18 pesos

       - Train (MRT & LRT): 13-22 pesos

Studying abroad in the Philippines brings learners both interest and goals. As this country had been America’s colony for about 100 years in the past, it has become the most fluent-English one in Asia. Its education system follows a typical American model, recognized by the US and the English education programs here are based on the American curriculum.

With 15 years of experience in the field of English training and professional study abroad consulting, StudyLink will accompany you from the very beginning to make the study abroad days more comfortable and wonderful when choosing the Philippines as the destination.