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Study abroad career guidance: Please pay attention – Don't underestimate it!

Not all international students equip themselves with enough knowledge or determine the exact path they must take in the future after graduating. Many young people who have gone through the process of studying abroad are still struggling to know what industry to do, where to work, and how much salary proposal is reasonable? What you get is just a more Western accent – ​​Done! It is this painful reality that makes StudyLink remark that: “Study career guidance needs to be given proper attention by young people. Let's start orientation early from the middle school years, before deciding to set out to new horizons."

Choose your right major

The important thing in everyone's life is choosing the right major. This is especially true for international students because you have to spend a lot of money studying in the West, "embracing" the hope of a brighter future than others. However, at present, only a few students choose the right major because they often make choices based on feelings or according to the instructions of friends and relatives... The story "What major and what career?" is always a problem that causes many young people as well as their families to have a "headache". The future of each person's life depends greatly on the profession. Change your mindset today for a better future!

Industry trends in the next 10 years

There are many cases where you go to study abroad but still can't find a job with the right expertise and promote your strengths... It's a huge waste of time, effort, money, opportunity, and time. society, but also the resources of society.

The reality of Vietnam's education industry is wasting a lot of young talents just because they don't get career guidance at an early age, don't work with passion and expertise, and don't have the opportunity to shine. Therefore, it is very difficult for a student to "discover" their passion when they have not been exposed to and experienced with real work. Or as they are very lacking in knowledge of skills required for a career, career interests, innate talents, etc.

According to information from the Ministry of Labor and Invalids and Social Affairs, currently, our country has 1.1 million unemployed people. In which, people with university degrees are 215.3 thousand people. This shows that not necessarily an advanced degree will determine a stable job. Here are the research and statistics compiled by Studylink from the professions and opportunities to get a high and safe salary in the next 5-10 years for your reference:

Doctor - Pharmacist

The medical sector is the career trend in 2020, with a growth forecast of up to 19.5%. This is one of the branches that plays an important role in science, life, engineering, and medicine. In the next 5 years, this industry will benefit from a large number of the elderly population, who need the most care in society.

Average salary: $66,567/year

Technical Service

It is expected that the growth rate of the technical services industry is 19%. This is considered an industry that is expected to create jobs for thousands of new graduates shortly 5-10 years. Because the technical service industry always requires a large human resource, plus the increased demand for services.

Average salary: $87,246/year

Information technology - Software engineer

In recent years, the hotness of the Information Technology (IT) industry is no longer the same, but that does not mean that the IT industry is no longer attractive. Software programming is also considered one of the few professions that are "immune" to the current economic crisis. "Regardless of whether an economic downturn occurs or not, in general, computer programmers have little impact," according to CNBC.

Average salary: 159,999 USD/year

The tourism industry, Hotel restaurant management

The restaurant and customer service industry will have a growth rate of 18%. The profitability and recruitment demand of the management consulting industry will also increase as the economy recovers and companies invest more strategically.

Average salary: $ 58,702/year

Digital Marketing

Along with the explosion of current giants like Google and Facebook, the demand for online marketing is growing stronger. The human resource demand of the highly qualified marketing industry is relatively large to meet the needs of employers in 2020.

Average salary: $67,890/year

With 17 years of accompanying parents and students during their study abroad journey, StudyLink has approached a lot of career guidance programs in developed countries such as the US, Japan, Canada, France... Since the students are still in preschool and primary school, career guidance is carried out very early, so we are determined to pursue to the end the core value of education, helping Vietnamese students to be career-oriented.

Always trying to find out, research on disciplines as well as recruitment needs in the labor market in Vietnam and internationally is the current trend. At StudyLink, we also own an exclusive set of career orientations built by a team of professional and experienced consultants to assist students in orienting and choosing the right career.

StudyLink always wants to support young Vietnamese people to build effective study abroad plans and accompany them in realizing those plans.