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Summer Study Abroad Experience

Summer is the most anticipated season for students because this time they can rest and have fun after stressful study days. Summer usually lasts 1-3 months, so modern parents will start looking at extracurricular programs for their children to participate in during the summer. It is also extra learning, but instead of cramming the knowledge in books, some modern parents give their children summer study abroad courses for their children to have useful practical experiences.

Summer study abroad is both a travel trip and a learning trip, what could be better?

With so many choices today, StudyLink would like to share a few experiences so that parents can consider carefully when choosing a suitable and effective trip for their children.

Choose the right course for the family economy

The cost will vary depending on the purpose of the summer study abroad trip. Parents should carefully research information about summer school trips to save time, effort, and money.

In addition to choosing an affordable summer study abroad course, the family also needs to prove financial. However, StudyLink now has a number of summer study abroad courses through countries such as Singapore or Australia... the proof of finance is much simpler.

Consider your child's health and age

Depending on different ages, summer study abroad programs are built differently, both in terms of language and extra-curricular activities to suit the health of each age. Therefore, parents should choose trips suitable for their children's age to avoid the situation that they feel bored or cannot absorb knowledge during the course.

In addition, in another country, changes in climate and weather can easily affect children's health. Therefore, for children who are sensitive to cold climate, parents should consider choosing destinations with a climate similar to Vietnam so that they can have a perfect summer.

Summer study abroad through reputable study abroad counseling centers

To help their children have a safe, rewarding, and effective journey, parents should choose reputable centers and have strategic partnerships with many world-famous schools and educational organizations in the world. many long years. In addition, the center will help your children's study abroad records be more beautiful and easier to apply for a student visa compared to studying abroad on their own. With many years of experience in recruiting students to study abroad, StudyLink is a reputable unit that will accompany parents and students, helping them have a meaningful summer experience.