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Costs to study in Finland

In recent years, Finland has become an ideal destination for international students to have an experience of living and studying in a country with top-quality education in the world along with extremely attractive tuition-free policies and scholarships.

However, from the fall semester of 2017, the tuition-free policy was no longer applied and universities in the "land of thousands of lakes" began to charge different tuition rates depending on the subject for non-EU/EEA international students. However, compared to other countries in Europe, Finland is an ideal study abroad destination for international students when studying for a world-leading education with a low tuition fee, much lower than the cost of studying abroad in other European countries. At the same time, with extremely high scholarship policies from the government as well as universities up to 50-100% of tuition fees, international students can still study in Finland at a reasonable cost; since Finland always aims for equal education and always creates the most favourable conditions for international students to come here to study and research.

Specifically, the cost of studying in Finland divides into two categories, including tuition fees and living expenses:

1. Tuition fees at some of the top Finnish universities


Tuition (EUR/year)

Tuition (VND/year)


Helsinki University

13.000 – 18.000

360.150.000 - 498.670.000

100% tuition

Aalto University

12.000 – 15.000

332.448.000 - 415.560.000

50 – 100% tuition

Oulu University

10.000 – 13.000

277.040.000 - 360.152.000

75% tuition

Tampere University

8.000 – 12.000

221.632.000 - 332.448.000

50 – 100% tuition

With a tuition fee that is not too high, but with the opportunity to experience a world-class learning environment, Finland is truly a study abroad destination that you can consider choosing. This tuition fee is especially suitable for the income of the majority of families in Vietnam. Therefore, studying in Finland is now receiving the attention of many Vietnamese students who are cherishing their dream of studying abroad.

2. Cost of living in Finland

When studying in Finland, international students usually spend about 700-900 EUR/month (19.393.000 - 24.934.000 VND/month) for living expenses. And the cost of living is high or low depending on where you live, study and spending methods of each individual.

Some cost of living in major cities in Finland:





810 – 980

22.680.000 – 27.440.000


700 – 750

19.600.000 – 21.000.000


730 – 850

20.440.000 – 23.800.000


550 – 770

15.400.000 – 21.560.000

Approximately 44% of a student's living expenses are the cost of housing. This cost will be different due to the desire to find accommodation that suits each person's ability to pay:

  • If international students want to live alone, they will have to spend about 416 EUR/month (11.525.000 VND/month).
  • If an international student shares a room, it only costs about 160-380 EUR/month (4.432.000 - 10.528.000 VND/month).
  • If living in an apartment, it will be about 239 EUR/month (6.620.000 VND/month).

In terms of food, it will generally cost students around 260 EUR (7.200.000 VND) to buy food at local supermarkets. Popular supermarkets that you can choose such as Lidl, Sale, Alepa, K - Market,... to enjoy many price incentives.

In terms of transportation, most Finnish students go to school by bicycle to accommodate some steep terrain. Another part is because the bus price here is quite expensive (about 50 EUR/month - 1.300.000 VND) - 50% off for students. Of course, for students who can afford it, they can go by car as usual.