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Study New Zealand

New Zealand is the right destination to study for young Vietnamese to pursue further studies. It is fast becoming a first choice of international students who wish to get quality education at affordable cost.
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New Zealand Student Visa Policy

With the high quality and modern education system, following with the lowest tuition among the world. Studying in New Zealand means that students will entirely experience a British education (because of Britain’s influence) at a cost of only 1% of the UK. Besides, New Zealand's economy is very stable, safe and less disturbed by the government. In addition, there are many immigration policies for foreigners, along with immigration opportunities for international students after completing their study programs in university. New Zealand is also a country with a low population density and valuable policies to attract investment and skilled workers. It is obvious that New Zealand is the dream destination to help you fulfill your aspiration.

So what are the procedures and conditions for applying for a student visa in New Zealand? StudyLink will provide some necessary information about the New Zealand student visa below:


Student visa:

  • Standard Student Visa: the validity of the visa is 1 year. When the visa expires, students can apply for more extension at school.
  • Pathway Student Visa: the visa duration is up to 5 years for a study route of 3 consecutive courses (this program is only available for students who submit this visa and register their study route to the schools on the list).

Guardian visa:

Guardian visa: a visa that allows parents and legal guardians to come and take care of their children in New Zealand – (Parents with students under the age of 18 who have a visa to study in New Zealand).


A. Student visa:

- The learning process and assignment:

* Average learning results or more (note: Each curriculum has different entry requirements, and some academic programs will require higher ones)

* English level:

- Have an ability to take a school’s entrance exam or provide international English certificates equivalent to IELTS (> = 4.5) (depending on the entry requirements of the study program and the school).

- In particular, the Primary program does not require english certificate, while the High School program allows students to strengthen their english skills before entering the main course (when there is no evidence of students’ english ability).

- Study plan: Clear and reasonable. Students understand the value of the course.

- Financial:

Submit proof that you or your family has sufficient funds to pay for tuition and living expenses in the first 12 months of the course (or during the course, if it is less than 12 months).

Prove that you or your sponsor have 12.000 USD (NZ $15.000) for living expenses in each year (if the course is longer than 36 week) and 1.000 USD (NZ $1.250) for course that is shorter than 36 weeks.

Next, prove that both you and your sponsor has stable financial resources to support the entire study plan. These evidences must be truthful and verifiable.

Immigration history: Students and all family member should have a good immigration history and provide honest information to be considered for visa issuance.

Health status: Good

Personal history: No criminal record.

B. Guardian visa:


- Only available for the parents or guardians of international students who are under the age of 18 and already had a New Zealand student visa.

- Parents or guardians must prove that they has sufficient financial capacity or funding when living in New Zealand.


- Guardian visas are only given to one parent or legal guardian at a specific time, even if the guardian has many children studying in New Zealand.

- If parents or guardians want to come with their relatives or children under the age of 18, it is necessary to apply for another visa for them.

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