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Costs to study in Thailand


Tuition fees in Thailand cost vary depending on the schools, majors, and levels of study you choose:

  • Undergraduate: 112.000 – 175.000 Baht/year (3.400 – 5.500 USD/year)
  • Post-graduate: 100.000 – 355.000 Baht/year (3.030 – 10.700 USD/year).

Note: In Thailand, the universities’ tuition fees of some universities include the costs of textbooks, materials, administrative fees, etc. Therefore, when finding information about tuition fees, you also need to keep this in mind to prepare for your study in Thailand.

Living expenses

With beautiful natural landscapes and unique cuisine, Thailand is well-known as the tourism paradise of Asia. It is also the gathering place of many busy shopping stores and entertainment centers, attracting tourists from other countries. However, the cost of living here is not expensive.

With only about 190.000 – 250.000 Baht/year, you can pay for all expenses such as housing, meals, electricity, and water, etc. The cost of living in Thailand varies depending on the area you live in. If you choose to live in the capital, the cost will be more expensive than in other cities.

Food prices are also very reasonable. At a casual restaurant, a meal only costs about 52 Baht (equivalent to 1.5 USD) while a meal for 2 people at a mid-range restaurant costs about 600 Baht (equivalent to 17 USD). In terms of dormitory costs, rental housing ranges from 4.000 - 10.000 Baht/month (equivalent to 112 - 280 USD) depending on the area.

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