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Costs to study in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for being the country of many landscapes and different cultures, a good living environment, especially top-quality education and ground-breaking research. In addition, this is also a major economic center of the world and home to many leading large companies. This country always creates favorable conditions for international students to study and work. However, if you want to study in Switzerland, you should prepare enough money because this country is one of the most expensive places in the world. So we will give you some necessary information for you to budget for yourself.

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Cost of Studying in Switzerland

With top quality and effective education methods, Switzerland always welcomes thousands of international students to study every year. If you are in other European countries, the tuition fee will be higher if you are not in the EU (European Union) or EEA (European Economic Area). However, in Switzerland, the opposite is true, the tuition fee will be available to all students whether they belong to these groups. The tuition fees of the schools are quite easy to breathe, lower than the tuition fees of the UK or the US. The cost of tuition depends on the school, level and profession you choose. Except for private schools and a few exceptions such as the University of Fribourg, the University of Lucerne, the University of St. Gallen… (these schools will have higher tuition fees for citizens of non-priority countries or tuition fees for international students will be higher than Swiss students), tuition fees at public schools have a higher rate. Affordable prices funded by the Government.

Average tuition fees of Universities in Switzerland:

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs: ranging from 500 to 3.000 CHF/semester (about 12.397.687 - 74.386.124 VND)
  • Doctoral program: ranges from 100 to 1000 CHF/semester (equivalent to 2.479.220 - 24.792.202 VND).

Here are some Universities with affordable tuition fees:

  • ETH Zurich University: 730 CHF/year (about 18.100.624 VND)
  • University of Bern: 950 CHF/year (about 23,555,606 VND)
  • University of Lausanne: 780 CHF/year (about 19.340.392 VND)
  • University of Geneva: 1000 CHF/year (about 24.795.375 VND).

You can waive tuition fees by applying for scholarships or taking part in student exchange programs. In addition, there are additional costs incurred during the study process, such as health insurance, books and supplies, student cards, tickets to the library or contributions to school funds…

Cost of Living in Switzerland

Although the tuition fees of schools in Switzerland are affordable, the cost of living is quite expensive. For international students, the major concern they have is the cost of living as it makes up the bulk of your economic costs. Your level of living depends on where you live, where you live and your personal lifestyle.

Place to live

If you choose to live in the major cities of Switzerland, the cost of living will be quite high, the budget can exceed 1.500 CHF per month (about 37.193.062 VND). The big cities here are considered the most livable in the world with high quality of life and living costs such as Geneva ranging from 1.700 - 2.700 CHF a month (about 42.152.137 - 66.947.512 VND) and Zurich ranges from 1.700 - 2.400 CHF per month (equivalent to 42.152.137 - 59.508.899 VND). However, you can choose small towns or cities that will cost less.


When going to another country to study, finding accommodation is extremely difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, universities try to provide and support their best to find stable accommodation for students. You can stay in the school dormitory for an affordable price. However, the number of dorm rooms is often limited and not all schools have them, so if you want to stay in a dormitory, please apply as soon as possible when you receive your admission letter.

In order to meet the needs of students to find accommodation, universities in Switzerland have a Housing Office or an International Office to assist students in finding affordable accommodation ranging from CHF 500 to CHF 800. equivalent to 12.397.687 - 19.836.300 VND) per month.

In addition, you can also rent a private house outside at a slightly more expensive price (about 800 - 2000 CHF equivalent to 19.836.300 - 49.590.750 VND per month). If you rent near the city center, the price will be more expensive than the areas outside the center. You can live alone or share a room with roommates, friends, co-workers or locals to both reduce costs and get exposure to different cultures.


Accommodation is not the only payment. Food is also an issue that many international students care about. You should set a reasonable dining budget while living in Switzerland.

Eating out here is quite expensive. Food in a week can fluctuate around 75 CHF - 100 CHF equivalent to 1.859.653 - 2.479.537 VND (including rice, vegetables, eggs...). In Switzerland, meat is extremely expensive (especially beef), more expensive than anywhere else in the world. So it’s best to limit your intake and switch to a vegetarian diet to save money.

Drinks such as beer (8 CHF about 198.363 VND), a cocktail (7 CHF about 173.567 VND), a glass of Cappuccino (6 CHF about 148.772 VND), ... are not cheap. Even popular drinks like Coca Cola (3 CHF about 74.386 VND) are more expensive than other countries in Europe.

You can buy food at cheap supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl in Germany. In particular, it is advisable to limit buying at large supermarkets such as Migros, COOP and Spar.COOP because these are the supermarkets with the most expensive prices. Also, you should shop after 5 pm as many stores offer 50% off on many items.

Besides cooking at home, you can try dishes at outside restaurants (average meal ranges from 15 to 40 CHF equivalent to 370,797 - 988,791 VND). Admittedly, restaurants in Switzerland have different prices depending on the quality of the restaurant. If you eat at commercial areas about 26 CHF (about 644.679 VND) or you can also eat at ethnic restaurants of different countries about 10 - 20 CHF (equivalent to 247.953 - 495.907 VND) with Asian food then about 15 CHF (equivalent to 371.930 VND).


Switzerland provides a safe and efficient transport network that runs across the country. You can go by bus, taxi, tram, train or even by boat and many other choices to get around. Travel fees can be expensive depending on how far or near the city center you live in. 11% of students walk, 10% of students ride bicycles and in addition use other means of transportation. A monthly ticket for transportation costs about 50 CHF (equivalent to 123,9768 VND). To save money, you can ride a bicycle as Switzerland provides a network of bicycle transport throughout the country. In addition, SBB applications will help you look up the fastest destination no matter how you travel.