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Canada has become a booming hub for international students whose dreams include remaining in the country in which they complete their studies.
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Canada Student Visa Policy

Canada has been a well-known study abroad destination for all international students since it has the most advanced and modern education in the world at a very affordable cost. Canada is a very open country about student visa policy, in order to attract students and immigrants to come here. live and study in a convenient and easy way. The Government of Canada aims to bring a happier life to all residents living in Canada who truly care and always create the best conditions for international students and citizens to come to Canada. living and studying. Coming to this place, students are assured of safety, security and living environment, along with extremely good social welfare regimes.

I – Student visa in Canada has 2 types:

1. Streamline Direct Student Program (SDS) - Exempt from financial proof:

Only available for students from China, India, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Students must follow these requirements:

+ Letter of school admission from a representative of educational institution (DLI) accredited after high school

+ Health examination paper.

+ Certificate of ownership of a bank account with CAD 10.000 of Scotia Bank.

+ Receipt of school tuition payment in first year.

+ IELTS 6.0 for all skills.

2. Regular Visa Program - Financial proof:

Applicable for those who do not have all conditions mentioned above.


+ Letter of school admission.

+ Passport or valid passport.

+ 2 4x6 photos (taken no more than 6 months) with students’ name and date of birth on the back.

+ Documents proving financial ability (must be able to pay for all expenses in Canada):

- Savings account at Canadian bank (if any).

- Investment certificate from a Canadian financial institution (GIC).

- Savings account within the last 4 months.

- Bank drafts which can be converted into Canadian money.

- Confirmed payment of tuition and housing fees.

- Letter of guarantee from school or financial sponsor.

- Evidence of supported funds from Canada such as school or government scholarships.

- Documents of income sources of financial guarantors.

+ Study plan

+ Certificate of guardianship (for students under 18 years old).

II - Conditions for obtaining a study visa in Canada

a. The learning process and work:

- Average learning results or more (note: Each curriculum has different entry requirements, and some academic programs will require higher ones)

- Having a minimum of IELTS 6.0 in all skills if students are exempt from financial proof.

- Having a continuous process of learning and working and with sufficient documents to prove. In case there is a gap in the learning and working process, it is necessary to give reasonable and convincing explanation.

b. Learning plan:

Clear and reasonable. Students understand the value of the course.

c. Finance:

Sponsors need to provide all original documents that can prove their source of income, including the following documents: savings books, business papers, work papers, paper sheet on the lease or transfer of property transfer, other property / asset ownership papers, capital contribution papers, ...

Depending on the documentation of the sponsor's income source, StudyLink will advise the form of financial proof and appropriate financial explanation.

d. Immigration history:

Students and their family members need a clear immigration history and honest information in order to be considered for a visa.

e. Health status:

Students must have a medical examination.

f. Personal history:

No criminal record.

g. Regarding guardianship:

it is compulsory for students under 18 years old

In general, Canadian visa policy is very favorable and simple so studying in Canada is not too difficult. Studying and living in Canada is a right and reasonable choice for students who are eager for overseas study. For all the information about visa procedures and study abroad in Canada, don't hesitate to contact us – StudyLink, Study Abroad and English Consulting Company. We are always ready to support and share the most accurate and useful information for students.